Data Recovery/Backup Service  Use this appointment type for any out of warranty/non-AppleCare data recovery or backup service need from any Mac or PC laptop or desktop, external hard drive, phone, tablet, or other storage device (USB stick, SD card, compact flash, etc).

Mac Display Service  Use this appointment type for replacement of anyout of warranty/non-AppleCare cracked Mac laptop display assembly or glass due to accidental damage.  For other issues such as no video or distorted video, use the Mac Repair, Other Service appointment type.

Mac SSD/Hard Drive Service  Use this appointment type for any out of warranty/non-AppleCare upgrade or replacement of any SSD or hard drive for any Mac laptop or desktop.

Mac Repair, Other Service  Use this appointment type for all out of warranty/non-AppleCare warranty repairs to any Mac laptop or desktop that do not fit into another appointment type.  Examples include: battery replacements, memory upgrades, liquid spill or other accidental damage, video distortion or no video, no power, keyboard, trackpad or port issues.

"Next in Queue" Rush Service  Use this appointment type for any data recovery, Mac repair or Mac upgrade service need whether under warranty/AppleCare or not.  "Next in Queue" Rush Service appointments receive top priority handling for the fastest possible turnaround, a $99 fee applies.  Please note that the $99 fee will not be refunded for any cancellation or rescheduling less than 24 hours before the initial appointment.