Use this form to request an appointment with Keane to resolve any issues with a non-functioning or intermittently functioning iPhone 5 Sleep Wake Button.  Apple has a quality program to repair these issues provided certain criteria are met.

To get started, first check to see if your iPhone is potentially covered under the program here.  If it is, and your Sleep Wake Button is malfunctioning, you can begin the process to get your iPhone ready for service by completing the steps indicated on that page (e.g., backup all personal data and applications, turn of Find My iPhone, then erase the phone and remove any case or screen film).

Once your phone is ready for service, complete this form to request an appointment with Keane to initiate the Sleep Wake Button repair process. All fields are required.

After receiving the completed form, we will review the information provided to confirm coverage in the program and email you to set up a time to bring your iPhone by the shop.

If you do not wish to complete this form, you may also make an appointment with the Genius Bar, or choose "mail-in service" as shown on the Apple page to have an iPhone 5 Sleep Wake Button issue resolved.

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