Mac Repair Services

Keane is a full-service Apple Authorized Service Provider which offers several repair service options for your Mac, whether for accidental damage, out of warranty, or AppleCare warranty repair.  ach of these Mac repair service options are described below.  

Most Keane Mac repair services can usually be performed within 2-3 business days. A "Next in Queue" rush service is available for clients requiring the quickest available turnaround.  

Save valuable time by using our online service appointment request form before dropping off a machine for repair. 

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Accidental Damage Repair

Did your Mac suffer a liquid spill, physical drop of other accidental damage? Keane has performed thousands of accidental damage repairs since opening our doors in 1997.

Typical accidental damage repairs include the following issues:

  • Liquid spill
  • Cracked Display or Glass
  • Case Dents, Cracks or Other Damage
  • Broken Connectors
  • Failed Hard Drive or SSD Drive (due to drop or liquid damage)

Keane's approach to accidental damage repairs differs from the flat rate service sometimes offered by other providers.  Keane focuses on repairing only the affected parts that are malfunctioning, typically resulting in a significant cost savings to the client. While each accidental damage Mac repair presents its own unique issues, Keane can often perform liquid spill and other accidental damage repairs for far less than other service providers.

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Out Of Warranty Repair

Machine out of warranty?  Out of warranty repairs are Keane's specialty. Whatever the issue - Mac not booting, slow operation, no power, lines on display, Keane can repair the issue quickly and effectively.

Typical out of warranty repairs include the following issues:

  • Failed Hard Drive or SSD Drive
  • Failed Battery
  • Failed Logic Board
  • Failed Magsafe DC Board
  • Failed Memory Card
  • Failed Optical Drive

Keane performs more Mac hard drive replacements than any other repair service. If your hard drive is failing or has failed we can replace it with a larger and faster drive or even an solid state SSD drive. We can also attempt data recovery from the failed drive, or migrate your data backup from a Time Machine or other external backup drive to a new hard or SSD drive we install into your Mac.  

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AppleCare Warranty Repair

Is your Mac covered under AppleCare warranty?   Keane can handle all Mac hardware-related AppleCare warranty issues.

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