Our visit to your office was wonderful. The help we received from the staff was excellent! Although we are challenged and have a limited knowledge about how our laptop works, your staff gave us wonderful advice and suggestions.  We came away with our laptop working and how it can better work for us. Thank-you!  Thank-you! Thank-you! We will be back for sure! 

- T. Price

Your guys are extremely knowledgeable and helpful and took all the time I needed to give me advice and explanations, and I really appreciate that. Thanks again for your help -- I will certainly recommend you guys in the future if anybody asks -- wish I had time to Yelp, but you seem to have the market lead on Mac Repairs anyway - congrats!

- J. Blumenthal

You guys did a fantastic job and I really appreciate it. 

- T. Brunet

I found you guys on Yelp a few years ago. You had rave reviews then. I've had sparkling service from all of you there. You have my rave review this year, too. Thanks!

- C. Aguilar

Superior service without a superior attitude. Always welcoming, immediately supportive, and you like to problem-solve. I have confidence in working with you even when the computer is being the most difficult.

- M. Wolcott

Great service and turnaround time.

- S. Johnides

I appreciated the friendly and knowledgeable service. The person I spoke to in order to set up my upgrade explained all the options clearly so it was easy to make a choice. The upgrade was completed sooner than the estimated completion time (yeah!) and the price was exactly what I was originally quoted (double yeah!). Thanks for super service.

- R. Klement

Everyone was super friendly and I had my laptop back to me really quick! Especially since it was around thanksgiving. I love the bowl of Dum Dum lollipops. Thanks Powerbook Dudes! I am going to tell all of my Apple friends about you!

- A. James

You guys did a fantastic job.

- D. Roncadin

Wow, I came in to by some RAM and I get this follow up email. I must say I'm impressed by your customer service. It worked like a charm and the guy helping me at your store was quick, polite, realistic, and efficient. Thanks!

- M. Bryant

The service from start to finish was excellent and very professional.

- V. Lao

I can't give enough thanks to Dan, Red and the rest of the staff responsible for fixing my booting problems. I have recommended PowerBook Guy to many (friends, family, associates & acquaintances) as the type of business with whom I laud for its services and advice; most importantly, I will continue to acclaim the folks who run operations to any Apple user.

- F. Geers 

Absolutely fantastic service! I was more than pleased with the advice, the service, and of course, the results. The cost was WELL worth it!!!  

- A. Turpin

My experience was fast, efficient and totally easy- I was VERY happy with both service and price.

- N. Romero

I could not believe how simple you made the process, and your thorough and thoughtful explanations despite the look of incomprehension on my face.  Truly thankful for your service and already posted a mad recommendation on Facebook.  You guys, quite simply, ROCK!

- J. Weaver

Keep up the good work!

- D. Drda

Exceptional. Service. Always. I have told everyone about you guys and will be at a loss if I ever move. Your staff is SO PATIENT with me always. You have a wise and exceptionally accommodating staff that is truly hard to come by. Tucker was my go to man for solving "this months" problems with my MacBook, and he was so speedy, patient and intelligent. Tucker, and the rest of your staff, are invaluable. Thank you.

- C. Chiapetta

Very good customer service. Front counter person took our order and was professional and very helpful. The laptop was fixed in 1 day and everything works fine.

- J. Nayak

Great service. Follow up was really good. Thanks again.

- J. Ellms

Cost way less than the quotes the Apple store and the Mac Medic were giving me; prompt service and friendly staff--thanks!!

- E. McGrath

As a Powerbook owner, I'm glad to know that there's a resource close by that gives me options to keep my Powerbook in the show. Thanks.

- A. West

Everything was perfect as usual. You always do the best work. Thanks.

- P. Lyons

The service was terrific. I'm still not sure whether or not I needed something fixed or if you guys ended up just installing my new hard drive. I'm hoping it was more than that. But, if it wasn't, then my money couldn't have gone to a better group of people. 

- M. Swartz

I was skeptical at first but when I went into the shop, it was nice and airy and friendly. I would come back here again if I had any problems with my MacBook.

- C. Chow

You were so helpful. So glad I found about you through the guy at Apple.

- M. Gomez

Thanks for the superior service! Laptop arrived ready to go. I regret the delay in payment, and will recommend you to anyone and everyone. No disappointments here. You're the bomb!

- M. Baker

I have purchased refurbished computers from several companies in the last couple of years. What I have learned in the process is that the computers I purchase from PowerBook Guy are always in better shape, always shipped in terrific condition, always dependable. I appreciate the quality of your work and your products. I hope to continue to refer tons of people your way!

- C. Greening

Daniel, hey. I have been with you for years . . . and will always go to you for these repairs. You might consider having some refurbished Macs readily available for sale out on the floor (lobby). I might of been tempted to buy another one right then. 

- J. Ray

Great service at a fair price. Can't beat that.

- D. Davidson

Much better experience then the Genius bar! I will definitely be bringing all of my mac products to the PowerBook Guy from now on.

- M. Sullivan


- P. Dowling

Really great work on my machine, really stoked! Thanks very much!

- M. Tucker

Great and already recommended to a friend. Thanks.

- B. Lacasse

Professional and a thorough explanation of what needed to be done.

- M. Treanor

I love that you clean stuff out when you have the machine there. It's those little things that really set you guys apart from other maintenance providers.

- B. Giles

I brought my laptop in last week because I thought the HD was failing (I was right). I also ended up getting an extra two gigs of ram. I paid an extra $50 for expedited service, but was amazed to have it back within two hours. Yay! I have Apple Care but I'll definitely use you guys again the next time I have a problem and will recommend your service to other people. Quick service (Apple Care took almost a week the last time I had a hard drive failure) and absolutely reasonable prices. My computer is working better than ever, too.

- M. Blyth

Your front desk person was perfect, offered me all the advice I could ever want. Thanks!

- C. Miller

I appreciate the fact that (as evidenced by your answers to two recent questions I had) you're willing to tell me if the problem is something I can fix myself, or if there are other alternatives. Either this is a Machiavellian plot to make me believe anything you say is true, or, as is more likely the case, you are helping me save money and learn more about my computer. When I came in recently to have more RAM installed, the person (sorry, I didn't catch your name) took the time to answer some other unrelated questions I had about Snow Leopard, and I really appreciated him taking the time to do that. 

- A. Lovekin

You guys did a great job, and on short notice. Thanks much!

- W. Martin

The technicians were kind enough to reinstall the HD and RAM in the replacement machine, for free, while I waited. That was very impressive, and I'm very grateful!

- S. Rapport

Was really impressed at the quick turnaround time.

- M. Meadows

You guys did a great job.

-P. Miranda

Your guys explained the fix and recommended actions very clearly and cheerfully. They were great.

- S. Crotty

I would appreciate if you would move to Missoula, MT!  :)

- J. Decomyn

Thanks dudes. Computer is running fine now. 

- M. Jones

I think you guys do great work. I will gladly recommend you to all my MAC friends!

- J. Flores

Very happy with the service and the price of the repair was reasonable. Cleaned up the powerbook nicely. Thanks!

- D. Roach

You guys did a great job...you even fixed my broken "V" button! 

- P. Love

We are part of the Apple/Macintosh community and I am delighted that you are servicing and selling older Apple machines, some of which helped to earn their manufacturer its reputation for quality products. Thanks for handling and shipping my purchase so quickly.

- R. Bigelow

Great service!

- T. Lehartel

Think of yourselves as barbers or car mechanics. Give me honest, reliable service and you'll have a customer for life. Tell me I need brakes when I don't, give me a lousy haircut and I'll never come back. It's really simple and yet so many businesses forget this simple lesson.

-D. Tavernas

You seriously saved me from a considerable work-related disaster. Not only that, but you handled it faster than I could have ever expected. I have already recommended you to friends and will continue to do so. 

- P. Onori

Great job guys!  professional, killer office,  great team! Wow! Impressed!

- M. Carroll

Your system of notating and explaining each step and its costs is MOST effective - especially to a consumer who's not particularly tech savvy. When you go through the paper note by note it helps me to understand the cost and to not feel alienated by technical language or taken for a ride. I really appreciate it.  I recommend you to everyone. Ever think about opening a shop in the East Bay?

- W. Mamet

Stellar performance. I'd work with you again in a heartbeat. Thanks!

- E. Rieman

I'm just glad to be able to go to you guys instead of Apple. I have recommended you to many friends. Keep up the good work. 

- N. Moore

Great group of workers. Experience made easy by knowledgeable staff.

- E. Cheng

The entire process was slick and I'm a happy camper.

- M. Bode

Front desk guy was very courteous and informed. Appreciate that very much.

- M. Brandon

After replacing a macbook pro screen it exhibited bad pixel symptoms almost immediately. You took the macbook back and replaced it's screen immediately and expedited the repair in under 3 hours. Excellent service.

- R. Sheridan

I really appreciate the way you took care of me the other day. Great job.

- S. Burger

You guys rock!

- J. Yasuda

Great customer service!  Very refreshing. Thanks!

- S. Nielsen

New memory for my G4 Tower worked like a charm!  Appreciated the reassuring service.

- J. Gates

Fast turnaround much appreciated. Thank you!!

- S. Shannon

Thanks for doing such a wonderful job on my computer. If you get any used macbook pros please let me know. Happy Easter to all of you!

- D. Mount

Keep up the good work.

- D. Deitrick

Really great service, clear communication. I am very appreciative of what you offer and how your people show up in the world.

- J. Hanusa

I had heard about you guys from a couple of different sources. When it came time for me to have work done on my Mac, I knew exactly who to call. What's more, my expectations were surpassed: I found your service to be very professional and efficient, while also quite persona(b)l(e). Thanks for making the process painless!

- N. Magel

Very friendly, knowledgeable staff that did their best to help me, and fixed my computer in less time than I thought, and for less money than I had expected. Thank you!

- R. Carbotti

Awesome service. After replacing old worn-out battery with a new one, tech also cleaned and replaced some worn keys on our iBook's keyboard at no charge!

- D. Axelrod

Quick turnaround, excellent all around. Thanks!!

- C. Lauderdale

I wish I had brought my Ti Book to you initially before trying to diagnosis myself. You guys are totally awesome and I hope you are around for at least another decade cuz I want my Ti to last at least that much longer!

- J. Umamoto

You guys are so cool.

- V. Carcamo

In and out in approximately 10 minutes, and received great advice in addition to service.

- R. Hof

I was pleasantly pleased with PowerBook Guy; your front desk person was particularly helpful. Thank you... 

- R. Barone

You guys are great -- I am so glad that you have a  repair place that is good.

J. Frost

Everything was handled very efficiently and professionally. Will recommend. Thank you.

- J. Fanning

Great service! Thanks for the cable, works just fine

- J. Pearson

Loved the service. Fast, reliable, and honest. Great lolly-pops too.

- A. Klein

 Thank you for getting my MacBook back to me so quickly!

- N. Janikan


If you're working on a Mac,
and the hours are flying by,
but suddenly there's trouble,
call the Powerbook Guy!

Did you smell something funny,
like funky plastic stir-fry?
or your battery lasts just minutes?
call the PowerBook Guy.

If a tiny random clicking sound
becomes a broken hinge,
leaving your display a-dangling;
(no more internet binge! >_<)
or your trusted pc card
won't light up any more,
and you're wondering just what happened (!?)
there behind that little door?

If your wall-wart starts to fizzle
and then fills the room with smoke
and you think "I love my P-Book,
but fire's not a joke!"

No matter what the trouble,
before you start to cry,
just remember there's a hero
called the Powerbook Guy!

- W. Fehlow

I just wanted to write and let you know that I'm loving my new iBook! It runs like a beauty and I still can't believe the deal I got on it -- even with overnight shipping! My sister asked me how I liked it and I recommended you (she was thinking of getting a mac laptop herself). Anyways, thanks again!

- C. Howcroft

Keep doing what you are doing.

- P. McLaughlin

I have NEVER had a more pleasurable experience. You and your staff were beyond helpful. Knowledgeable, courteous, professional - AND I was in and out is less that 15 min. I will never go anywhere else and would recommend your company without reservation - thank you!

- G. Martinez

Probably should rename your business to "Dr. PowerBook Guy". I came there feeling defeated because I did not understand what was wrong with my antique G4. Then I was walked through the process until I understood and that made me hopeful again. In the end I have 2 functioning Mac's and I feel very thankful for your knowledge and support.  Keep up the good work!

- K. Quinones

Short of offering espresso, I can't think of anywhere better to go. Thank you so much for your professionalism and service and fun!

- B. Reynolds

Service was very fast, thank you!

- L. Weisenstein

Thanks again for the great customer service, I will for sure buy again as well as send fellow mac users your direction. Thanks.

- B. Newberry

Great service, great value, my computer is doing great.

- L. Bogusiewicz

Everything I needed accomplished was done in a timely manner.

- L. Collins

You helped me recover from my crash quickly, thanks! Wonderful work. 

- B. Randolph

Thanks for telling me on how to get Apple to take care of my NVIDIA chip problem. They took the laptop in and replaced the logic board.

- S. Guha

Keep up the good job.

- M. Troncoso

The options for our quote for the work were very clear, the cost to expedite was clearly identified, and the work was done quickly.  

 - R Kleist

Thanks again for taking care of my powerbook, super genius PowerBook Guy. Much luck to you.

- S. Seipel

You ROCK!! You da MAN!!

-K. Schiller 

Great customer service. I walked in, the airport card was installed and all was done within 15 minutes. thanks.

 -D. Martinez

Great! very knowledgeable and great recommendations on what I should do about my issue.

- N. Huerta

Please look forward to future purchases from me for spare or replacement parts, drives, media, et cetera. Yours is one of the most trust-worthy Apple parts and service establishments in the country.

- R. Bigelow

Thank you for all your help and consideration. Giving me a better shipping rate is greatly appreciated! Your email promptness and business dealings have been refreshingly professional in an internet world that is so impersonal.

- T. Pocius

Your staff provided excellent customer service.

- C. Chavarin

You guys have saved me so much money! I love you guys!

- H. Rajai

Great Job!

- M. Jordan

Thank you for the quick service.

- C. Wiemers

Service and people were very professional. I felt at a loss, as I am not savvy re computer hardware config. Wish I could have had a little more volunteered feedback from initial service rep. Didn't really know what to ask. But over all, very satisfied with whole experience. Thanks for getting my relic back in service.

- C. Chan

When I found out my hard drive was dead, I basically wanted to throw up. You guys were very helpful, nice, and quick. Thanks for making a painful process much easier to deal with. 

- D. Vigil

I ended up at PowerBook Guy unexpectedly when my laptop died, and you guys did a great job.

- M. Gibson

Fantastic, quick, friendly and professional service!

- B. Brick

My experience was top notch.  I left feeling so great and my ol 'rastaman' computer is working like a gem.  I will be back for more.  may the divine continue to bless you and your works.

- M. Fine

Thank you very much for your job!  the french guy, 

- S. Jouault

Grateful for fixing computer swiftly and at a very reasonable cost!

- A. Fung

My computer is working perfectly, and I enjoy pretty much talking with the people who work there very friendly. 

- V. Carcamo

Powerbook Guy is the absolute BEST on the planet.

- E. Grubb

I appreciate you cutting me a deal on the top case/keyboard replacement.

- W. Crompton

Thanks for spending a few minutes with me on my battery questions (and troubleshooting) a few days after I purchased a new G4 dc-in card! 

- S. Ratcliff

I told a bunch of my friends about your shop. I'm a new customer.

- D. Key

Great service. took longer than I'd like but that's more the time of year + how well you're doing. Rather it done right than fast.

- C. Phillips

Thank goodness there exist sellers of  "vintage" Macs + parts. People like myself who cannot afford new Macs every year, and who wants to preserve what they have, should be grateful to guys like you.

- I. de Guzman

Hey, thanks... the machine is SWEET !!!

- T. Smith

Powerbookguy is my first and last stop when i'm picking up a new machine. he's really helpful about returning emails if i ask a tech or sales question. once i had to return an item and there was no issue about it at all--he sent me a replacement within a couple of days. i've bought several computers from him. it's the lowest price and reliable service. rock on, PBG.

- T. Silverman

I received the ibook yesterday. I am very pleased with your service. The computer was in better shape than I expected. Thank you very much.

- M. Bailey

Now that I have the proper amount of RAM in the Digital Audio and can run Tiger, I wanted to let you know that this computer was a successful solution to eliminating the jerky video playback I had been experiencing on my older heavily upgraded G&W (600 MHz G4, ATI Radeon 9200 PCI graphics card). So the combination of the faster processor, the faster memory bus, and the faster AGP graphics system did the trick. I'm a happy camper! :-)

- L. Cole

I received a 12" g4 iBook on Monday and have been very pleased with it. Its a beautiful machine, all the computer I need for now. Thanks!

- M. Bixler